First one out for a while - I tried to mix this up a bit with a different feel, enjoy

Taken by my friend on a disposable - Bestival is such a beautiful festival

Another very chilled one of mine, quite happy with the drum track on this one, it was four tet inspired.

New song of mine - much more chilled/ambient than my last one. Isaac Dean provided this wonderful time-lapse video of the Salford skyline from his window, which makes this altogether a very relaxing experience - enjoy :)

Made this track, found this video, and they worked well together - enjoy

Full video of sample - - worth a watch

I wanted somewhere to showcase [what I think is] some of my better music. It takes a lot for me to think of my own work as good, so hopefully only my best will be posted here - enjoy

Sarah Greenaway had some lyrics to put over a track of mine - her voice is incredible and this is by far my favourite thing that I’ve helped create so far 

Have a look at Sarah’s Soundcloud

Ollie from Sweet Winn Dixie added some vocals over a previous track of mine, I think they work pretty well

Just a mess around on my guitar/various things in my room, but I liked the way it turned out